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Avon Mutual is a start-up regional community bank for the West Of England covering Gloucestershire, Bristol, Banes and Wiltshire. Our current (working title) name is inspired by the River Avon which rises in Gloucestershire, crosses the eastern Cotswolds, runs through Wiltshire and Bath to Bristol and ends in the mighty River Severn's estuary. 


Our vision is to help repair a broken banking system in our community; which has seen branches and cash points closed, various scandals and low levels of lending to businesses. 

The average person has lost connection with their bank. We don't want banking in our region to be unequal, we want to offer a solution - for more information click here.

Watch this space! Avon Mutual are currently applying for a licence to become a bank. Although we can't currently provide banking products or services, we are working alongside banking regulators to bring a branch to the high street by 2021.