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  • We are applying to our regulators for a banking licence because we are committed to building a bank for all. And we will do this by lending to individuals and the businesses in our region who produce and make things which in turn helps our local economy. We will bring about a revival of customer service in banking, building relationships based on trust.

  • We will do this by using proven technology alongside accessible cash machines and by opening branches; staffed by experts who will provide a full service and have the authority to make decisions for their local community, without the conflict of earning a bonus.

  • Our plan is to offer a current account offering a debit card, as well as a range of savings accounts, but we will keep you updated as we go through different stages with our regulators!

  • Each Member has an equal right to a vote on all the important issues as to how we are run, because we believe that Banking can bring about good for more people, not just big shareholders.  

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